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  • Appzeria was founded in 2013 by a young entrepreneur in California. Appzeria is a publishing company dedicated to launch great eBooks and mobile applications for others to enjoy. If you are looking for a list of our top applications and eBooks, feel free to see the links below.

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  • With which iOS versions are the games and apps compatible?
    • You can find the compatibility details of a game or app under the section Compatibility in the iTunes App Store. The iOS devices and the iOS version with which an app is compatible, are mentioned under this section.

  • Are your iOS apps available in all countries?
    • Yes, our iOS apps are available in all countries.

  • In some of the games, I am not able to proceed beyond a particular level. Why?
    • This may happen because, for playing beyond a particular level in some games, a specific payment needs to be made. The amount one needs to pay is given in the details about the game.

  • What should I do if a game doesn't work, freezes or crashes?
    • A game may crash, not work or freeze due to various reasons. If you have been playing a game continuously for over 1 hour, the likelihood of such a problem arising increases.

      Here are the steps you need to take for improving the performance of your game:

      1. 1.Make sure that your mobile device has adequate battery life left.
      2. 2.Check out the updates for the game and the device.
      3. 3.Close all applications. On exiting an app, it does not close automatically. For many issues, like game crash, it’s recommended that all applications running in background should be closed, to free up the device’s resources.
      4. 4.In case the problem persists, consider restarting your device. Apple also recommends that you should restart your device after installing any application.
  • If a game I am playing gets stuck, how should I start again?
    • Consider clearing the saved game. In every game, this option may appear differently. Here are some examples:

      1. 1.Go to Options menu.
      2. 2.Some games will show a button New Game.
      3. 3.Some games will allow you to create new player profile.
  • How can I turn the password requirement off to download the free apps?
    • A new feature in iOS 8.3 permits you to switch off the password requirement when downloading free apps. Here are the steps to switch off password requirement:

      1. 1.Tap on Settings -> iTunes & App Store.
      2. 2.Tap the Password Settings.
      3. 3.Toggle off Require Password.
  • I am seeing the “App Store Error 1009”. What does it mean?
    • This error means that accessing the app store is not possible for you since the country you live in is blocked.

  • How should I turn off or lock in-app purchases?
    • Follow the steps given below for turning off / locking in-app purchases:

      1. 1.Tap Settings -> General -> Restrictions -> Enable Restrictions.
      2. 2.Enter passcode for Restrictions. You have to enter the passcode twice.
      3. 3.Go to Allowed Content section.
      4. 3.Choose the In-App Purchases -> OFF.
  • How can I contact you?
    • If you need help regarding an app or game, or would like to contact us, go to ‘CONTACT’ and in the form given, fill in the details required. We would contact you as soon as possible.